The primary function of depositary service is to enable investors to successfully transfer the shares from one investor to another investor account. It helps in reducing the manual intervention of both the parties as well as paperwork for executing the trade. It saves a lot of time and eliminates the risk of holding the securities in physical form.

In addition, depositary services also include savings account services by which customers can deposit the desired amount in their account and withdraw whenever needed. It is important that you choose a depositary services from companies which offer risk free, customer benefits and prompt services.

RCSPL is one of the most preferred choice for depositary services in the market. We also offer a wide range of trading solutions and trading services for our customers, including depositary services. We offer effective, flawless and prompt services to our customers with personalized and customized portfolio management services as well. We are a member of the NSE and BSE, the two most leading commodity exchange bodies of India. We offer advanced tools and applications by which customers can immediately connect us as well as get updates about their transactions in single click.

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